"The Clothing Center of the South"

The Sewell Mill building built in 1912 is located in the heart of downtown Bremen, Georgia at 126 Hamilton Avenue.  Bremen is situated just off Interstate 20 about 45 miles west of Atlanta.  Along with the city's bank, the Sewell building stands as on of the earliest structures remaining today.  Its original purpose was that of a cotton warehouse.

The building was purchased by the Sewell brothers, Warren and Robert Sewell in 1918 to serve as the South's first successful manufacturing facility of men's suits and sport coats.  For a brief period during World War I, the plant was used to produce garments for the United States Military.  After the war, the factory returned to making civilian clothing and from the Sewell brother's success, numerous other manufacturing factories began.  These companies became prominent producers of tailored men's and ladies apparel and established Bremen's reputation as "The Clothing Center of the South".

Once a prominent railroad town, Bremen today serves as an ideal location because of accessibility to the interstate and its proximity to Atlanta.  The multi-use facility is housed in a 12,000 square-foot building that has been updated to adhere to all building codes.  The physical space within the building is divided into a combination of areas varying from business offices to ballroom size facilities.

The Sewell Mill Museum

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126 Hamilton Avenue,

Bremen, Georgia